Want to meet new、Shinjuku patrol。(It hangs around shooting)

Also、Whiff barrage tone down。
The clouds also coupled with、Also and haze Moya is in my head。
Side job at the gallery from the evening。Hand move etc.、Not at all refreshing the brain。
He died while headed to PC。

After all, this guy is for us to blow the mood。
Car "C40" is good mood today。
Shimotsuki of、Take a Shimotsuki like a night wind、Skip Warped in the "NO CHAIN" to Kichijoji!

One thought on "Epoca

  • SECRET: 1
    Yeah bicycle accordance manna -。Takaso ~ Ya Do -。
    I was beginning to ride a bicycle from when? Bicycles Do you say -、
    Hula Motto、Since go anywhere。

    I also daily Since I came back Japan、Bicycle commuting。
    - or buy soon a new bike! Touring bicycle also a graduate -。
    That's before that savings ...

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