Old work up

Near Koshu Kaido Shinjuku on a rainy day、To the rainy season of Calcutta of smell。
Gasoline and H2O、Any liquid mixed、It smells with the addition of animal lipids, including humans。
It reminds me of juniors that are doing the shooting in Calcutta (now Kolkata)。

This is why、Home pageWas 10 Photos up of Calcutta in。
1994But I spent approximately one year in India from the year、Most have been lost due to the film of the shooting trip unfortunate accident。
Was left in the hand is、About 50 lines that were taken in Calcutta only。

Rainy season in Kolkata (Calcutta)、23Of age I、First overseas。

Yasu-kun Genki?
Kolkata university?

3 thoughts on "Old work up

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    There than Calcutta-chan to
    Stomach has gone round and round but not walking with dizzy today。Now we have to walk from a little while ago Howrah。Round and round。I saw photos。Round and round。Also I went to one Ghat。Kie! !

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    Oh、Yasu-kun。Can and comments from India、It became a convenient era。I was enjoying be careful to injury or illness。

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    I tried to come to see after a long time since I met the other alone there of her today。
    I'm going from properly mid-January there are two people other than Arimoto。
    Photo、For some reason I felt like was baptized but was not seen only one。
    Kokoroshite you're going。
    3But you people there-chan will also feel you want to see the photos went to the same place。

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