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And you wake up the other day、It is not Limit your painful neck。It seems that Nechigae violently。
Run is severe pain over the left shoulder from the nape of the neck and trying to move。
To blog partner、There were articles that hurt his neck on the same day、Its relevance is how?

What of whether that Nashi way、To Arekore work toward the PC。
In the web browser (IE), which had been previously used、Although I page there was a function that will be notified to be updated have bookmarked、
It seems now not its function in Safari are using。
Although it was not that particular inconvenience、To try to register to know the existence of a page called "Hatena antenna"。

This page、There seems to be a variety of functions in addition to the aforementioned update notification。Peek here and there in passing。

there、Photos are the work published on the web in the main activists? To know the existence of、Surprised by the abundance of the number。
Because until there was a time to go out、Those pages were peep one by one。

Hmm。I wonder certainly convenient and free tool, but
"We are photos published because there was a digital camera and the Internet there。"Specific page is honestly fed up with the most。
Take a picture、I felt the sparseness of "readiness" to be announced。
Although it seems there is also something people are to update the photo every day、View The following is a nice touch, even after one year。
gradually、Clicking has become a pain。

Into place、Into place、Cut ... switch。

here we go、I've had time。
Seeking a face-to-face conversation, to the WS's go!

8 thoughts on "Web photographers

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    > I felt the sparseness of "readiness" to be announced。

    Do yourself is not of very dilute?

    In addition arrogance Kiwamarinai。

    Past career cry。

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    "We announced faux pas because there was a blog there。"Manner? Honest sick。

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    xzado's、san-san Thank you for comment。We are keenly aware of the sweetness of the recognition for the blog。Micro-blog late also access number、I was article posted in the extension of the conversation with a friend。We apologize for the fact that impaired your mood。

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    I know well the feeling you would want to say such a thing。It is certainly more。
    Some of the objections of everyone、There will also overreaction because it was poked place honestly hurts。

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    It is there quietly, which was capped once by greeting、And I started on the web。I、I thought that may be good and honest、By everyone thinks quietly、Because I myself was always "in the thinking now if Yuke changed if to want to be a page that does not happen."、It was or seriously accept reflection。Person to take a picture、So I think also that it is all a sense arrogance、What will we tell you of excess reaction、And、thought。
    I do feel that Lotus is a good place、I think it only is also a have a pride that has to offer the quality of、Because what photographers think important to talk with your words and ideas、There, depending on which you would like to have yourself to normal in the future。See you soon

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    that、At the same time that those who he thought the same thing。I'm sorry I do not wrote after seeing the writing σ(^_^;

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    I think I also think if mind、Sweet wrote may be bad judgment。

    > I think important is that what photographers tell with words and ideas

    I think that it's a problem before。Blog Lord too childish too。

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