Morning at the Gallery、Presence of the carry-in of "Landscape" Hideaki Matsumoto photo exhibition is being done today。
Although I thing to do the day before if the original、It was the day of the carry-on account of the author of the work。
oh dear、Since this pace launched the gallery、Nor in particular hurry because I experienced many times。

While carrying work、And a variety of story。
He is a graduate with a lesson a few years ago。
But I think he also talked of the photos in the school was a lot to、At that time, I was one of many students、There is no memory of the story slowly and carefully in the sand as it is today。
He's a quiet is usually、When it comes to talk of photos continue talking to cut the weir。
It might have been hungry to such talk、My not in the drawer proper nouns also Nan'nosono。
Speak outdone even I。

During this、I think maybe what to say that the conversation had not been established。
But、Many were the talk。To say that he could not say at the time was a student、I heard that you did not hear。
Will an experienced repeated time to each other。The feeling was glad。

Photo Exhibition December 17 days until (Sunday)。

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