Shooting star Park

2000Age、It made the work of the named shooting star park。
There is a park I was arbitrarily named of course、A model is still。
Shinjuku I hear is "Okubo Park" on the back of the Kabukicho。
The park at that time、It was a place of play of various races。
Korean Shemale、Whore of black hair, such as Filipinos and Thais、Also prostitute of Russian and Colombian blonde。
Lily's gay at Malaysians、Jincheng-kun of the runaway boy who came from Okinawa、Talk a lot sister that bundling a prostitute。
Among the beautiful people、I had to take a crazy a photograph until the morning comes。

But such a happy time is not last long。
Through, such as simultaneous raids of foreign prostitutes、Fence is made in after a while and the park、It was soon completely closed。
Casting a sideways glance at the park everyone was gone、Every day to walk lonely。

And today、I tried immediately entered since the park first time in several years has been open。
Even homeless gathered was banquet Sand、Also swing the Armenian dancer was sitting、Park Korean youths are no longer all be back board that had a basket。
18Too much time and insipid park to be closed again。
Of a charming, no longer have、Became in many place is the uncle of the street smoking ban、And the uncle of the street bicycle parking ban、And cleaning Uncle、Police officers and a host of repeating the interrogation。

Without laments such as stimulus from the city is low、I try to keep looking at the way ever-changing。

Armenian spoke for the first time

The middle-aged men of Korean gay and Bell

Trying to hide has become blue beard、Shemale and a Thai prostitute to expand the fan

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