Holidays! Anniversary of LOTUS ROOT GALLERY

1With this in a month 21 days also LOTUS ROOT GALLERY was able to celebrate the first anniversary。
This is also a gift of your help of many people。
And、This memorable day、I think really pleased that it has been greeted with a favorite photographer and is Ms. Masahiko Taniguchi of events。
Also bewitching Naru dance's Fuji乃、Simple but of Mr. Taniguchi, but also was the best with the confident talk。
Thanks for the good time。Tacha to everyone!

Just because、However,、Still feeling of relief is no。
Per still developing、It challenges challenges there is also a bunch of。
Arimoto also We will continue to the future growth Gallery。
Not only do it one by one!

2 thoughts on "Holidays! Anniversary of LOTUS ROOT GALLERY

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    It was a great time。
    Fuji乃's show and Taniguchi's words also flash back now。
    I want to say Thank you to the people who were involved in the event。
    It was really great。

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    LRG Congratulations on the first anniversary Tsu((^ D ^))☆
    Become a New step in the years ahead、
    With all your far away love from Okinawa。。。

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