When walking down the street there was a man and the eye。
Man wearing a black coat in a black knit hat、Dragging the carrier bag has been close to me。
It has a beautiful eyes。
While a man is straight look at my eyes、It slowly took out a piece of rice crackers from the pocket。

I was got from the "people、I'll give you do not need。」
in this case、Words to say thank you again "。"right。
And say it、The man disappeared into the crowd dragged the carrier bag without changing facial expression。
After some time of thinking stop、I held out to the man of the homeless the rice cracker was near Nii。

I was got from the "people、I'll give you do not need。」
Man of the homeless、At once drank each other was bottled whiskey placed in the ground with、Eating rice cracker with a laugh。

Thank you、I've been hungry! "


Cracker, which disappeared in his stomach is、What came from where together?
To answer no problem、I meditate the alone thought。

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