Return of cold、against the wind

Trade shows also comes to the end、Come quite become objectively watch as their own photo。
And、Made to feel now of a place which is not enough to yourself as a reality。
End result、Trade shows for me and (especially in the case of such a continuous Exhibition) is、It seems it is not exaggeration to say that for the purpose of finding the reflection point of their own。

This exhibition、Which was down taken from the beginning of this year、Location has also been limited in Shinjuku。
And short of shooting time、Narrowness of the shooting location has become the exhibition that has come out to the front across the board。
I remember even somehow, such as the venue has become narrower illusion。

Without regard only to the portrait、During shooting trying to capture the variety of those also to have been thought even at the time of print、I think that was actually so。
However,、Time their speculation is described above、It seems that could not be more than a place restrictions。
But it seems to have written a few days before the diary and that of the true reverse、There is wonder photos。Thing's not a centrally come into view。
Anyways、Idea is also not enough still be fired up。

However,、There is also of course was good point。
Voice talking to people on the streets has become greater than before。
And、That shooting has become fun than ever。

This exhibition、We have to leave after 3 days、Full is in that of the next exhibition in the head。
Enjoy because we would want to do before summer。

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