Just like above will do well

The other day photos of Sasaeri Miss、But I was asked to let me take in the Rollei and black-and-white with a walk in the neighborhood after the photo exhibition Exit、I this was fun。
Night residential area、Aperture is open、The shutter speed is 1/4。That sense of the moment you press the shutter release to stop breathing。

And say recently of shooting、Addressed also a long time walking without a per Shinjuku and dizzy、It might have been overlooked every moment of in a limited time and relationships。
I'm not trying to do photos to create a work。It has continued to be doing because I like photo。
But I wonder such obvious simple things、I've got a Datte things that are accidentally left behind in the hectic day-to-day。
Only when such、Jacques try to consideration for the photo of Henri Lartigue。
Also photos from being lost。Also photos of me reminds。
I wonder Which of the time now? Ins or not such a thing、Always lost and found back-to-back。
I love all told a photograph。

That reminds me the first post of this blog was like this。

Pictures that、Only to find out of the day-to-day shooting Acts。

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    Photos Thank you。
    Or hold your breath、Or vomiting。
    Is between the camera and your、Love is a feeling of air。
    I went dissolves in the air、When Komo flow Arichieto。
    That heard the sound of the moment the shutter。That's strange。
    Reflected background in AriChino portrait、It may look like aura of the people。Of something that people have is flowing in the air。

    Also I'm glad to meet you。Thank you。

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