In the day of the class visual arts from the morning the other day。
Because the lesson of the afternoon became canceled classes、It vacated the gaping time。
Under the warm blue sky、Riding a bicycle go out to the photo exhibition tour to the Ginza district。

Fuji Photo Salon was first to stop by the。This is graduation of Tokyo Visual Arts Exhibition。Students of my seminar was also sent several people。But also I saw graduation exhibition of Tokyo General School of Photography was doing in the space of the next、It does not look to something calm me Group Exhibition。Even less then each person's space、I want to look at each of the works in the exhibition。
The next down the outer moat street to the Guardian Garden。Here he had been held "Hitotsubo"。This is also a group exhibition。

And Nikon Plaza Keizo Kitajima is done in Ginza photo exhibition to "USSR1991"。
photographers’ Had already photo is seen in the gallery press、When surrounded by the print of sixty several points、This is also a masterpiece。
Intense color of the color positive is Projects、National landscape past the peak of prosperity long ago。
Not only accept the Soviet collapse that occurs after this、Ensure the presence of the people just stand there。
And Keizo Kitajima、Without such banal empathy in the world、It has cut the reality terrible as a cool-headed gaze。
It is peeled off the tongue of、It is overwhelming photographic world of the surface layer, such as if it had been flash frozen。

Or at the same time as that famous book "A.D.1991" I had also makes such work。
It's powerful!

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