E-mail is coming from the seminar of students on the mobile in the middle of the night。
what? When I read this I thought、Comes through from the wording is unusual panic like。Apparently it had swallowed the developing chemicals had been very much put in a plastic bottle。
The first time of the events in the teacher work day eight years、I was very surprised but think last calmly。The problem here is that of'm the type and amount of chemicals、Immediately ask again to that effect。
The was fortunately accidental ingestion is relatively weak toxic <dry well>、The amount also was that about half a cup。A little peace of mind because it is so drank quickly large amounts of water noticed。But take a look at the data sheet from the Fujifilm website [accidental ingestion : In the normal handling、Hazards low。】 a。Sleeping further drinking water for the time being、As the mood to go to the doctor if as bad the next morning and advised。

Today and day、Thing that there is no particular problem, but I asked the condition。
However,、I Let us not put the chemicals in the plastic bottle!

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