Glazed 姒 from Lotus root

Or as usual rain of the one sunny for、Hata also to Nakano among the weather does know as either rain of the。
Go to see the "Izumi Fujimaki Exhibition" to enji gallery of just the newly opened。There was a sign on the side and of old houses further into the alley from the pot next to street。Cross the stepping stone of the site of others、Past the fern-based plants, such as rarely meet you in Tokyo、There was a gallery Some of the one-story, such as buried among them。
Showa 46 years Born in Osaka I、It brings back memories of childhood。Hmm、Although it it is difficult to convey the charm of this gallery in words、Anyway <Omoroi> location。I want to try by all means experience。

After you enjoy the mood of Showa、Shooting while walking dangling from Nakano to Shinjuku Gyoen。Alley of this area is drifting Between the compartment maintenance of re-development and old-fashioned appearance。When interesting there are a number of small discoveries can come。Vacant land tour while being bitten in the first time of mosquitoes this year。
evening、We arrived at the Lotus root。Today it did for the opening party of "Shiro Inamoto Exhibition"。
Since Mr. Inamoto is also a lecturer fellow at the Visual Arts、Time to be flooded is much less young guys there was also like an extension of the classroom。

Let's go to healthy shooting tomorrow。

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