De qui s & # 8217s; agit-il?

We have seen the Henri Cartier-Bresson exhibition taking place at the National Museum of Modern Art。
"De qui s & # 8217s; agit-il?Over He is who exactly? According to the flyer that says "、The number of exhibition works seems to 450 points。
It was actually a tremendous amount、Since most of the photos once in publications and exhibitions were those who have the eyes、We were able to see without hesitation surprisingly myself。Photo one by one but I'm certainly wonderful、Exhibition configuration is too tightly、This is where honest is that it was not possible to obtain a new surprise in addition to the amount。
In such、Corner that display only the vintage print has enjoyed the most。
Doughy lean, print etc. no black that would have been burned from a negative underexposed、Did you feel you have found the one side with a man named Bresson。

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