Humid air、Mold to "Kabikira" is I have grown。

While falling light rain、Going to see the Takehiko Nakato Ryoichi Saito photo exhibition a just report to EMON PHOTO GALLERY of Hiroo。
In a quiet residential area that went one step back roads from the main street、Suddenly cosmic glass-walled building。Sexy green around is struck by rain。It looks like dripping water print。
Down the stairs holding a reasonable euphoria of a rainy day、Enjoy the neat black-and-white prints were exhibited in the gallery space of the underground。Approaches and print tone for Messrs of the subject is opposed to a、I was able to re-confirm the breadth and potential of black-and-white。Also nice match down the amount of Shiraki。Involuntarily it has entranced。
Talk just a little bit because Saito was folded to the venue、Hurriedly scare off After you pass the DM of its own exhibition。Straight to Lotus Root Gallery。Out before it Yara shark this feeling、I wanted to face each with its own print。
My tone when compared with Saito-san and Nakatoh's black-and-white print is I'm mediocrity、It also It 's not something that was discarded quite。I sleep very much。

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