Tanabata night police.

The other day、Got a call from the Police Department。What about "blue bike was stolen, it was.、Handai now。For my blue C40-CHAN、It is now exactly what is in front of me。
Advance story、Ring a Bell and haul the memory was。But you don't say so!
Ask the models to phone police and seems to be sure。4-After 5 years、It found my blue PEUGEOT-CHAN。

And antique rose after today's、Feel like going to see ex-lover to the takaido police station。
Jumping through hoops to unpopular entrance、Indicates that admission officers and was ushered to the second floor。The elevator door opens and、In front of the eyes、After the change of my bicycle there was。
From the frame handle.、Every detail such as chains, covered in rust。Crank is stuck and won't turn.。As a matter of course to punk the tires。
No-boobs and、I was told on the phone can run...。

"This、I can't run it?。"I muttered。
"It is so。"Answer to made sorry police officer。
Watching the battered bicycle、Silence。

After all、To the waste agreement signed。Police cars drove up home。

Goodbye PEUGEOT。Judging from the saddle position、He stole is quite short legs。

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