Fresh photos

Early twenties、Or recoil that was just journey、Journey is hate。
In long-term journey something absurd、It is also troublesome to go far in the day。

Walking trip with a camera、Also fear of be ready Summertime plenty of photos。
Now、I went to the Mishima shooting work。
The movement in the Tokaido Shinkansen that are constantly riding、I do not even feel pieces of Summertime。Salaryman is open a laptop next to the seat。
Rattling rattling ...。

Arrival in Mishima in less than an hour。Light rain。So with a great deal ahead of schedule、I tried to walk around, pointing umbrella。Feet to the alley from nature and alley。
I wonder what this feeling。Feelings raged and Futsufutsu you want to take a picture。Is this not a guy that <Summertime> that I had been dislike! ?
But、oh dear、Regardless of such a thing、Take because I want to take。Because not be helped even kill press the feelings you want to shoot、I tried pressing the shutter as long as time permits。

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