Time of change

I have seen a lot Photo Exhibition。But it can not be written here、Shuo Sawatari's "Nadia with White」、"FASHION MAGAZINE" of Martin Parr it was good。
ToDay、Koji Onaka-san has been opened recently "Gallery roadI went to. "。Gradually increasing expectations as it passes through the narrow streets of Asagaya。Around the time of puberty、It was like this is scenery of Tokyo that I had imagined。Climb the stairs of the iron of the old apartment and cans cancan。It opened the door、And comfortable space where an air-conditioned。In the world by Onaka's、There was a Onaka's Photos。
It seems to have been presented with one of the form of that I do not know the <Photo Gallery>、It became very study。
After that "enji gallery" Izumi Fujimaki Exhibition to。「Gallery Tosei"Is also'm so、Ome Kaido along'd often gallery go up take off your shoes。Since the look slowly、This style is welcome。
A little talk with the author and to the Shinjuku。The fact that the House of Councilors election last Sunday、You are flying around the lively speech in the city。But to realize that Do not you have a lot of candidates、It seems not so much related to my shooting。But I go to vote。
To a candidate who does not pander to your soul!
LOTUS I ROOT GALLERY also a time of change。Still do!

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