a day

09:00 get up、Slowly breakfast。
11:00 I leave the house、Toward the shopping after the gallery in Kichijoji。
14:00Gallery arrival、Equipment organize such。
14:30Movies shot towards the ariphoto2007 vol.3。Encountered fire in Kabukicho、STAB have Ni ro ー 4。
18:30Again to the gallery。Such as time adjustment and the reply of e-mail。
21:00For shooting、To hats editing unit。Eric and encounter in the interview。
22:00Shot in Ebina。
23:00Shot in Oiso。
24:00Shot in Zushi。
01:00Photographed by Daikoku Pier。
03:30Returning home。Forcibly beer&Zhuhai。
05:00 just now。Sky've been Akarun、Let's bedtime。

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