On Monday?

The day of the lecture at the photo school today。
Also because approaching and after the two months deadline for the graduation project is in second grade、It must be desirable to further put the fighting spirit。
From together the materials to be distributed to the seminar students、Triumphant and to school。
In the staff room and trying to sign the Deko and with a ballpoint pen、Notice that there is no column to your name。
"Finally get fired?...? 」
If the meaning is solidified not know、Said this assistant of Department of Photography。
"It is Monday today。」
「??? 」
But the feeling that has been pinched even to fox、I grasped the situation immediately。
Was simply Monday a day of transfer tuition。
"I did not know。"To be precise knew" had been forgotten。」

While stricken emptiness and weakness also、It is the happiness of beer from daytime。

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