GMO Internet

In the light rain、Suffer from the printing paper of large whole sheet under his arm、LOTUS walk the alley from ROOT GALLERY to Gallery Niepce。
Although such to go to see the Nakatoh's new exhibition has been held from the other day、There is another another purpose。
More money was proposedPrint tradeI。
Of it, but from Mr. Nakatoh had gotten in touch with the already completed、I had took a long time to finish the print。And finally it became today's realization。
While it may seem that only bake only one sheet of print、This is not also can be in spare time。I time did not make very much that can be immersed in concentrated slowly darkroom work。
But by that over time、I was able to finish the satisfactory print。

Walking through the alley while sniffing the fragrance of osmanthus、We arrived at the Niepce in five minutes of things。
And was spread around in the wall of the gallery is to enjoy the photo of Yokohama、Nakatoh's told me to bring a print from OFFICE。BERGGER Co., Ltd. of photographic paper to carefully baked Cuba of that photo。Will likely dripping drool just looking at。
Of course, give you my print also san Nakatoh。
And side-by-side two of the print on the table、While grinning with two people。

It is the moment that simply seem Naa was good "Photo fan"。

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    Print trade ... Is ^^
    From the thrust of the neck in this world、Although all is a series of surprise and fun、
    Such practices? There's heard the first time。
    Since there is no so much in the world of the painter that I had、
    ^^ I feel more fresh

    Mine is I have just digi、Recently
    "I want to burn (simply I just output by the printer) impulse"
    ^^ which is the also came out some fit of

    Even look at anyone's eyes look the same color、It is a paper baked good of。

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