Residents of the anechoic chamber

Example updates during the flush。
In busy work taken here so far、Even though entering the dark room it was almost be burning RC print for delivery。
Perform the Nde print of work to concentrate after a long time today at his home in a dark room。
To my delight、Because 16 works published page in a certain magazine was decided。
Since I started the gallery、Because it suddenly baked in the whole sheet for the exhibition the negative of just developing、Trafficking can be the size of the print is not in the hand。
You do not have to reprint all in such a translation。

Large Yotsubashi to the baryta photographic paper stock up in emergency dark at Yodobashi。
Begin If this is also fun to do。Although the work of print but not that boring、Come of it can not be denied is also different is how to enter the fighting spirit。It can proceed smoothly without stumble because some data, at the time it was printed for the exhibition。
Immersed in work without smoke also tobacco、8 cut print Exit。But singing praises, but satisfied with none good can。It is printed technique progress?

Although story changes、Just finished I went to school the other day "Visual Arts FOTA Word"I received the award-winning photo book。
Both books binding're the orthodox but、Contents are loving young force tour de force。A little jealousy。

I also in anticipation of the photo book production、You do not go to be carried out the shooting and print。

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