Like a dog

Tokyo snow from morning。
And something exciting、Try to run from Shinjuku Station to the gallery without meaning。
But I do not even mean it was in a hurry separately、Run sometimes vomiting white breath while taken the foot。
It begins to safely also exhibition、It very much as physical strength is left over。
Because like a Fortunately tomorrow is sunny、Embark I of the bicycle after a long time。

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    It was reflected Shinjuku Station on TV this morning。 In that snow、I Ya Hey so much piled up。
    Be sunny tomorrow、Be Ya is frozen! Kii Watch out! Woira at No. Cannondale go work every day! Lol here is、雪も降らなけりゃ凍結もせぇへんわ! 撮影がんばれよ!!

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