Today Womochimashite、Lectures at this year's Visual Arts College has ended all。
In the current seminar students of lecture、Dattari own photo exhibition Speaking to go on location、In the darkroom practice with or have baked their own work under cover to students、Will be reflected in the sloppy instructors have all when viewed from the students。
Certainly exhibition just before such is desperate、There was also that had also showed sloppy part。Still and if there are things that get to feel something through their work、It was optimistic to believe the students。
Although referred to as the parent is Tomoko not grow、The students also told me to push forward to the individual photos act while looking at the appropriate lecturer。
Me also make good work this year。

The results、ゼミ生の清水敬士の写真展「ELEMENT」はTOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERYにて現在開催中。3Month 2 days until (Sunday)。
Also seminar students of Saori Kojima photo exhibition "SUBLIMATED NUDE" will be held at the session of March 28 at the Visual Arts Gallery Tokyo (gold) - April 4 (gold)。

It is a photograph that I would like to see a lot of people。

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