"Ilford photographic paper is not.。"I heard from the gallery members of Emi Fukuyama Miss thing Monday。
"Wow、So that I Ya。Ikazu also not parry lightly "、Become lightly panic。
Rush of importer and DistributorChugai photo chemical homepageSee but、Il dealing with the black-and-white product of Ford only in a sentence can take also a grudge clause for <Harman Technology>、It is not good enough grasp situation。Without permission Regards after found was it is because it does not handle "is now Ilford product。And it is the glue of the user ignored, such as "、That is other than the ones currently in the over-the-counter are exactly whether supplied future unknown。

I is located in Ilford product users from school days。After three and during this year、Plan to do an exhibition is four times。
It can now、Thing anyway raking the photographic paper of exhibition size in the over-the-counter。
And until today that four days have passed、I was able to secure 190 sheets of the whole sheet of MGW.1K of use brand。While this in the rest of the year would be somehow okay、I wonder that what happens thereafter。
4From the MoonCyber Graphics Inc.But say that is takes over to sell、Store chemicals such as developer and Chugai had been licensed production。Still prejudice is a situation that does not allow。

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