This year's cherry blossoms

If you think bloomed、Tokyo cherry tree that once was in full bloom。
Since last weekend was muffled in a dark room to the print of the exhibition、I was not able to participate in the cherry-blossom viewing。
On the way but still everywhere you go、We were able to see a lot of cherry blossoms。
But also good fellow and a drinking bout、're not cherry also bad to look up and alone stopped。

And finally today, "ariphoto2008 vol.2" will start。
Because during the exhibition available to you in the gallery、Please visit us any time to blossom the way home。


One thought on "This year's cherry blossoms

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    Sakura photo of、Thank you very much。
    Leave not go to I also cherry-blossom viewing、Since Resona will spend this spring、
    I would like to enjoy in a bewitching cherry enough to Arimoto's hash。

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