Rollei screen

Looking at their photos in the exhibition hall。
Print previous、Although I was aware from the time you are checking the shot was negative with a loupe、Do not photograph certain number of points where the focus is out delicately。
But I do not even mean that a good photo if in focus、So there Datte situation you do not want to remove the most here、Is not it better to it if is to increase the accuracy of control。
Without also the year that presbyopia、The cause is clear。Thing by the aging of the focusing screen of the Rollei。However Ikansen old camera、To obtain the new screen also the shuffle。
But also tried to buy, such as "Intense clean" of goods outside、Remains shelved unused hard to see 摑 the focus of the mountain for me。Specifications have continued to use a screen full of small wounds without。

When confide those concerns to senior photographer in the exhibition hall got the encouragement of "I screen can be used for Mamiya RZ67"。Immediately buy a new screen at Yodobashi Camera。After returning home、Chewy and engineered with the P cutter and rasp as that taught me。Complete and easily at the required time of 30 minutes、Try to replace the on-rags screen。Although attachment is a tight because there is thicker than the genuine、Without any problem could be installed。
When the pounding was looking through the viewfinder while、There was a new world of startle in there。

The fact that continue to use the old camera、The fact that continue to struggle to get the parts。
Without the manufacturer only to rely on、Would not you have to Yara put hobbling and hands on your own from now on。
There is what is troublesome, but、Well I wonder if it is also fun。

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