Night of the Sakata

Yamagata Prefecture we have come to Sakata City shooting work。
Because not familiar with the Northeast circumstances、Or now the current're around any of Japan map does not understand、Prepared to deal seems close to the sea。
Strong wind blows is somehow tide smell of。
Place of here but seems to have been storm many poor catch、Was There is also attached to somehow fresh sashimi after shooting。

And Sakata Speaking photographer Ken Domon of Hometown。
A How can a place you want to visit to Ken Domon Memorial、Schedule a forced like this time。
The thing you want to come in the near future。

2 thoughts on "Night of the Sakata

  • SECRET: 1
    I also had to go to Sakata at work last week。
    Without Unfortunately time also their own、I could not go to Ken Domon Memorial。
    If there is a chance to go now、I think let's go Come。

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