Bon of home

Bellflower before、I was able to stop by only a little to the parents' house in Kyoto。
Although wording is subtle、I own is not ready concept of "go home."。
Because after I had moved to Tokyo out of the home、Parents but because they were the moving of three times。
The house is no longer spent adolescence from childhood。

By the way, the first time also come to now the house、It never has been even once it comes in front of the house。
Not should of course there is also my room and luggage、Apparently feeling that bother you in the house of another person。
Not compete also to settle back and have a good time、Scare off a small one hour。

However, this tray only is there much since I was a kid。
And iron kettle containing the tea、I father has been bought "Akafuku" is had been always put。

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