Water Copthorne big photo exhibition 'Tokyo lonely heart land"

From tomorrowTotem pole Photo GalleryAt、Do the seminar students of the exhibition of just graduated this spring。
4January 25(Soil) 18:00Also because the conduct reception party than、Here also Please feel free to join。
It will be posted the text were asked to contribute than the author in conjunction with the exhibition in the following。

When I was a high school student、I had been going out with older women。It was eight older beautiful woman。Every morning her to go home from work at around five o'clock、I wait slowly in her home、Was that of such daily。In one morning、That when she went shopping in a little before to go home。On the way back to shopping for tobacco and juice at the usual stop at nearby convenience store。It will come soon back thinking of her、I was walking a little in the quick pace。Her apartment at the tip of the alley around the road。Men and women of strange two people appeared in the middle and put enter into the alley。Two of the appearance of men and women embraced without mites fine movement、It was a bad premonition。But face was not visible、It was a stranger and she it and if you look good。But I was stopped、I began to walk again、Climbed the stairs to her room and quietly past the side of the men and women while lie down the face。
But it was like a bolt from the blue、I feel it was always insecure morning to Come to think of it now。Immediately after returning to the room、I took a look and viewed from above the men and women who each other a kiss hug below in Akehanashi softly the window of the veranda。I wonder are you doing、Laughter welled up in his own strange feelings that want to look at the things that should not want to see。Dose with a fire in the tobacco bought、Pay by hand smoke Kuyurashi turn off as soon as the fire went back to the room。She tobacco was a hate。Then she shall never know anything and wait a little came home again in the ignorant face、Shakes I'm back door Welcome back to as usual、I was forced to immediately Sex。Her reluctant also not act between after returning home、As of a little while ago、Laughing a little、I had sex that put the Unto love。
Now become、Think that I wonder if I was not exactly want what the want of that time。Anohito was a liar、But、The lie of even seemingly dear now、Probably because I'm sure I was not in trouble if there is the lie of that time。I think that is projected is in something I had wanted to at that time is of the photo。That it desires in between lies and truth、A moment that can face up to it correctly、I I'm looking for along with the camera now。

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