Yamazaki optical photo lens Institute

2.8 E-3 of the ROLLEI Flex、The reason not to use most、With battered lens coatings、From not only unflattering multiplied by the SAE。
But what year of manufacture is older、In the ROLLEI FLEX has more than mechanically very good、And shutter feeling was my favorite。
Yamazaki optical photo lens Research Institute hit the feelings gates or moisture-proof freezer compost as VAO is Kita-Shinjuku。

2 weeks after the repair is complete and contact you.、We have been heard to claim today。
Was waiting there、Dolled up in the shiny Schneider Xenotar fitted got to E3。
Learn to love the old camera and evaluated、This kind of existence this is thankfully not on the。

Look in the back of the E3 is the lens coating for vacuum vapor deposition reactor。

Orderly arranged for lens grinding Bowl。From each lens type is made from cast iron took。

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