That the other day。And because it was lesson from the morning to go to school、It was handed a paper bag from the Korean students (♂) in the hallway。

"Mr、It's tomorrow birthday。」

Look inside and、There was sushi and sashimi, which is dished carefully to there。
Although keywords such as <birthday gifts> such as <sushi> <handmade> <Korean> <photograph students> there was somewhat of bewilderment does not match in the head、What is get on the roof to the lunch break anyway。
Rip-off and the bite with a soy sauce that came together。

"Ugh、Good ~! "

Deadline exquisite flavor of mackerel、Draw a later scent of kelp。It such as the wife of cucumber are decorated with fine decorative kitchen knife、Heck I wonder Where did remember?

Ham's Thanks。

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