Hyogo Prefecture Mikata-gun Kami town Kasumi-Ku, Akinori Tani

I was participating in the visual arts summer camp of Osaka is the alma mater。
The sea is beautiful photo fun。The best beer in the local seafood。It may be students of glue、Three days and two nights of enhancement in the photo and play。
I was able to be a lot of talk and come the Hiroh Kikai's surprise guest。

2 thoughts on "Hyogo Prefecture Mikata-gun Kami town Kasumi-Ku, Akinori Tani

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    I think I remember.

    Were participating in training camp the other day.


    The word gave me anything Ms. arimoto

    Can't find good words about


    To me as I live

    The world is

    I'm barred

    Been lonely

    And I'm not someone id I

    And I live, so I have

    I give up


    Warm words of Ms. arimoto

    But something of his own

    One day I reach someone that

    I had more believable

    Quit expression

    And stop me?

    Doesn't mean anything alive.

    Getting long I'm sorry

    Thank you very much indeed

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    "Osaka Visual Arts 1-c' customers

    Thank you for comment。

    But is a criticism meeting in the other day of training camp、Prepared to deal so was I see a lot of people of the work at once、I'm sorry to not know anyone。
    of course、What kind of words also whether you over did you do with, but I unclear、I hope you did became a hint of the "Osaka Visual Arts 1-C" customers' work on the production。
    Also please show photo when there is a chance。

    See you soon。

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