Valley 2002-2003

I do not mean that if there is something thought but、From now 6、7Two years ago、Who participated in the wintering struggle taking place in Tamahime park of Sanya。
Park surrounded by barricades。Or it has been bashed in riot police to participate in an unauthorized demonstration、そこに集まる日雇い労働者やホームレスなどを8×10インチのカメラで撮影させてもらったり。
During the day with the help of the soup kitchen、Camp at the park in the futon, which are distributed at night。
When you go home to Kichijoji home after such a day-to-day、Thing that tranquility of the personal belongings of everyday felt rather strange。

Reunion at Shinjuku and the old man that I got to shoot at that time。
Although initially it had a blank look and call out、As us remember gradually among which speaks of those days。

Once upon a time nor now、What is so exciting act that take pictures in Tokyo。

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