It produced a print of the next exhibition using the long weekend。
Speaking of taking ruled exhibition of the past few years、Because it is taken to carry just before、There is no room to perform the darkroom work calmly、We had completed all of the print in two days。
However, since this is a Tibetan photo which has been performed in the last month、Uneven time taken to print。1Thoroughly can face in the print of the interpretation of each cut。
"I was perfectly burnt。For the photo I think. "、Perform one step further-depth print。
With the light of the darkroom、The moment is bliss to be confronted with the print。

the following、The next exhibition of the Press Release

有元伸也Photo exhibition "ariphoto2009 vol.3 / WHY NOW TIBET '

Photos 10 years from the publication of "Nishikura (Tibet) than Portrait"、I visited the land of Tibet on many days。There is a Tibet also said that unexplored region but、China thorn forms a tremendous economic development during the past 10 years、It resulted in a change in not a few also in the lives of the Tibetan people。
Along the way of the journey、Appearance of horses in grassland are few、Was in many eyes the nomads who galloping astride the medium-sized bike instead。And、Among the streets that have been revamped to the extent not to leave the former vestiges、People in the mobile phone with one hand to swagger。
Reality that Tibet did not get forced to accept during this 10 years。Also、As if anticaries in such a trend、Tradition to continue to protect the stubborn。To gaze them、Now back to his land。

Gelatin silver print、20×24インチ、20point。

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