Stopwatch was used in a darkroom、I've just lent to students、Shrewdly was Aina' the return of by flooding in the developer。
So do I need to buy a new one、It had been ransacked in such consumer electronics retailer, but、There is nothing very much want。It simply may be something mono HyakuHitoshi If you just measure the time, but、There is "mood" is also important darkroom work、I did not want so much easily finish。
Stopwatch I met such a case is HEUER made in 1969。Small size but it fits very well hand there is a moderate weight feeling。Split-seconds function something I use but it is unlikely、Fun just looking at the movement of the needle around make a Puritan and a small sound。
The visibility in the dark than anything far better than those of the digital。
Also we have more fun of one dark room work。

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    It is a nice design。
    Only this is to imagine blaring and Kachikochi in a dark room、
    Motivation also is what I 3 premium。

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