PC hell

In the photograph school。
"Mr、Look at photo。I was called out to the students and "。
Looking back、What there is、There was a figure of students who hold out the iPhone!

At that time what am I received a considerable shock, but、Going around that slide into changes in representation and communication means with the times is to understand。Let alone digital camera something is、House of the TV to no longer appear on the soon Datte (analog)、It seems no longer use my mobile phone (mova) also。Thing heartless to the flow of the times。
Also ride on the train、Many of the passengers are running silently finger toward the touch panel。Also in Tibet I went to this summer Speaking、Smartphone it stood out people to the Internet in。
Seems not only nostalgia principle of playing messing around with analog stopwatch。

It becomes Ppoku bitches like this is、When it becomes many work towards the personal computer fixed。≫ Older bitches
The end、The portfolio for exhibitors to certain gallery was had been made using an ink-jet printer。
Sew the meantime、Home was also renewed。Although the design has changed、Contents Sorry because there is little change is。Because I stopped to use flash、Should photograph is seen even from iPnone。


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