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Quoted from the "wind of traveler" vol.38 (6 released in May 2009 issue)

Waiting for a signal at the intersection。Is the dull sound like a heard somewhere。I do not want sound。Hard and bone、Soft internal、Sound striking the jammed bag of liquid to fill the gap in the ground。
Slowly to chop down a tree、A man fell down on the road。
Holiday afternoon、Etc. By city Yuku people even glance、Just passing by the man without cares as no one。Speaking I and、And feelings of worry against him、Irimajiri is calculative thinking of whether or not made in the photo、And futzing the focus of the camera while ask how a little from a distance。As always the sidelines in this way the situation、Next believes the action to be taken by his。A subjective for such their disposition、No longer even disgust。Man does not move while crouched on the paving stones of the street。When the green light is flashing、People Yuku over the pedestrian crossing at the trot。
The reaction of the dull sound and passers、It was reminiscent of the jumping off suicide encountered a few years ago。
There was also the early afternoon of the events of the holiday。When walking down the hustle and bustle aimlessly、And "thud" at a distance of a little、Was a dull sound like slammed to the ground the cement bag。Especially not hear, such as scream、At first I could not quite determine what happened。Looking at the situation closer to those who were falling sound、It is rolling black mass in front of the movement of the open-air Hot Dog Restaurant。There always seems to be a visible look and head。That is a human being。
After a while, the siren rang、Irimajiri and people to leave in a quick pace from the people and the place to stop the foot、Around it became suddenly abuzz。Some of the abnormal situation in which tore the holiday laid-back air of、It is my eyes to focus on a certain point。The scene was even shocking。It is the reaction of the open terrace of the cafe patrons of which are not far only a few meters from the scene。What、It would also Ni under these circumstances、People averted her eyes from the scene、He had continued to drink coffee as if clinging to everyday!。

The sun is pours and Shanshan、The children are each other playful with the dog。From cafe customers、Probably a very common sunny holiday。Just to close, except for one point that the corpse is lying。
I see、It seems indifferent or even a virtue in this city。Although I myself could not have an answer for the correct judgment and behavior in situ、Not only put a Otoshimae to events that had interested by stare。
Lauch not fine movement、Man lying prone。Fresh blood from bleeding on the street。Time of year is the mid-20s。Slightly overweight。Dark trousers in dark jacket、It seems to have faded both。Maybe she does not。face、Face is not visible。
Blue sky of dazzling and do an eye on the overhead。In the earlier and to trace the man of the traced parabola from the drop point、Gaping open window has been rocked in the force without wind。On the day of good weather clear of such air、It is visible clearly Mount Fuji is from the opposite side of that window。Not even this man know such a thing。
Although it would have been honored called "Buddha" from the people who died in this country since ancient times、Mukuro no mere face of lying around here、Not only to the dead body。Such as in the TV anime、It does not even floats such as video that angel comes to pick the soul。The corpse is covered with a blanket by the rushed fire and police、Yuku is immediately carried on a stretcher。It rejected the world、Rejected death-like to the world、Is Toritsukurowa to face up by the city control functions、It is is to those defunct。A few minutes in between those、Cafe of customers who continue to drink coffee without change。I and photographs taken without speaking、Only murmured in my mind。
"Ah、Died someone in front of the eye。But、I'm alive。」
"You're the university?、Whether they alive?。」
Signal becomes blue again、After crowd of people that could be around the man, which is bisected so as to avoid the man、Yuku gone to the other side of the intersection very, very become a natural fellowship loaf。And also signal changes、Man is alone left behind on the sidewalk of the intersection。For those who yuku city、That man is not a such as a human、I wonder if not only obstacle blocking the sidewalk。
"Photo is everyone know、It is a tool for dealing with things that can not stomach Kama'。"I wonder if such a the Who was。I see、See the man and the man was left in the indifferent theater alone with my two people。Words street of his people、Looking over the voice press the shutter toward the only one of my friends。Man in response to my voice was raised slowly and its face。Pale complexion、Seen his circumstances from skinny cheek。However, only the back of the eye recessed shines with Lang Lang。
Gone crowded the "stomach。」
Yet look to pierce、He murmured in the still somewhere force no voice。Although it does not mean that photo of thanks、I take out the 500-yen coin from the pocket、It held out to him。Rising Upon receiving it he slowly、Without a word of thanks、No state in which the stop worrying about me to be lend a hand、Too Akkerakan To、Yuku across the crosswalk as if everything there was no。Since the results of its actions was something unexpected、I was taken aback、It was only forego his from behind on the spot。
I'm what you expect from him、I wonder what the was trying to see。Now I was left behind in this intersection。Signal of the sidewalk is flashing also in the red。
However, this rich feeling will of coming from somewhere together。Without the speck is such as self-esteem that was the act of mercy、But the breast are Takana'。His face is surely alive、Probably because we were able to see the unknown facial expressions。And also to the accident of his body、Even in the act that can be received also with me of hypocrisy、Lie was not felt。When you encounter those unknown fell overflow from the palm of small values ​​of its own、Still I do not know why be nice、I just take a photo。
by the way、The day after the shooting in、I love the time period during which a street lamp is lit。
The moment the sky lights and the city of lights has become equivalent、Such that somewhere in the place visited so far、Or because I feel fantastic world that does not even here。Sky lights are not illuminated the building、Building of light is also not illuminated the sky。Among the offset light、Before the world behind also above it disappeared even under the uplift the face。Just short the time、I'm in the middle of this world、I am enjoying the heart of the journey while ruminating photos taken in one day。
Shippori day gave me today。Aix go home to the house along with the pose de film。
2009年2月 有元伸也

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