Shimada Ryo photo exhibition "soot and dust"

2010.02.02(Tue) – 02.07(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

On a clear day the northeast of the mountains began coloring earlier than Tokyo、I met the man of the elderly to burn trash in the garden of the drums。
"It is the colored leaves is very beautiful。」
Tree for "autumn leaves's just dec。」
There are mothers northeast for me born in Fukushima Prefecture, such as their own country。
Adoration of me for the Northeast、As in the old houses soot had imperceptibly steeped in my。
Also involved in forestry his words、At a much deeper place than the prejudice that I brought from Tokyo、And feel the shine like gold dust northeast。
I removed slowly and the supernatant、Squint to shine of the precipitated gold dust。

I will be the exhibition of the seminar students of photo school to serve as a lecturer。Please perusal not。
2From 18:30 of the month 6 (Saturday)、Because you also a little party、Here, please come to us also。

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