Capricornis crispus

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    long time no see。
    It is I met was ZACK in Sichuan Kangding。
    Capricornis crispus、It is not unbearable sense of unity with nature of Nihon。
    I this would do some still uncomfortable If you are in something desert。。
    PS:I am pleased to report, but was able to reach the Hajikko of safely Asia in backing。
    ^^ Really became indebted in Kangding
    Shi earn a little pocket money in the future because just bankrupt、I think I try to continue still。

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    kisaki sama
    thank you for your comment。
    From the inner city to the mountains、In a compact area、Various human、A variety of flora and fauna、That meet a variety of landscape is the depth of Tokyo's bosom。
    The antelope is roadway aside、It was encountered in the immediate back of the house。

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    Long time no see。
    Blog I always ask them to read the fun。
    11 months have passed since I saw in the ZACK and Kangding。
    It was like are traveling as usual good、But there is also a little bit of envy、It should not be considered abandoned even Tokyo trip。
    It would long silence Nante lush trees mountain?

    Trans-Asian Congratulations! The following is Europe?。Or wonder if Africa? ?。

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