ariphoto 2010 Vol.2

2010.08.24(Tue) – 09.05(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

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    Indeed、Insect's photos It is also!
    What is the equipment at the time of entering into the mountains?
    I was accustomed always go to the 此 of rest、Campground
    Now bloody bailout leech attack。

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    Matsubara customers

    Thank you for comment。
    Since doing just low mountain in Tokyo、Equipment is diatomaceous of about hiking。(While shooting equipment is heavy。)
    One step mountain if it depresses the mountain still from the national highway。I think you should never underestimate。
    In the mountains of my rain people、Yamabiru、We met the attack of ticks。
    Has become quite Guroi state is below the knee。

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    Heavy equipment is worrisome、what?
    Insect-kun others prefer the blood、I reach for some reason I just concentrated attack、
    Together with other people、It does not easily met with victims。

    Really in the nature rich mountain、Was the scent of sweet forest、
    Please Framing your mind to your body。

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    This time, often take the insect photos、Since the close-up shooting、RZ67 has an intermediate ring and a ring strobe photographed attached to the。
    And GITZO Yara What What with、It is quite a heavy equipment。

    Rollei is a nostalgic lightness of Flex。

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