Photo party

All dates of the year after totem pole Gallery、Complete cleaning for the next year and wall paint。
In those early totem pole Photo Gallery even after 1 month in 3 years。1/18 (Tuesday) Gallery Member planned exhibit of the next exhibition "2011X TPPG"At the beginning。The fourth new year、Each Member take new year's 2011 resolutions and decided to announce in the sidebar works。Please stay tuned。

And today in ShibuyaFROMEN FOTO GALLERYHas been held at the "Photo party"To have participated。
It exhibited works by one each writer、One can buy the works exhibited in auction format。So we have many auctions photographer friends and acquaintances together please.。Exhibited works are available in only 26 and 30, tomorrow。
My work also、And we always sell more cheap。This opportunity、Please your bid at the exhibition venue。


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