2011X TPPG

2011 X TPPG
2011.1.18(Tue) – 1.30(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

2011Year first exhibition、It will be held a group exhibition by gallery members five。
TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY will celebrate its third anniversary in January 2011。
Now in its fourth round of new year、Such that the statement of intent towards the future activities
We will exhibit the work grated taken by members each。
Please your perusal please。

有元伸也 / Shimodaira Dragon arrows / SEKIGUCHI, Naoki / Akira Hiruma / Fukuyama EMI

160-0004 Tokyo, Shinjuku-ku, Yotsuya 4-Chome 22 second Fuji Bldg., 1F
Daini-Fujikawa bldg.1F,4-22,Yotsuya,Shinjuku-ku,Tokyo,JAPAN zip-code : 160-0004
Tel/fax : 03-3341-9341
E-mail : Info@tppg.jp
URL : http://tppg.jp
Open 12:00 – 19:00 (Closed on Monday)

We packed in a gallery in the members take turns。
Arimoto is to Zairo on January 21 (Friday) and January 28 (Friday)、We look forward to everyone of visitors。

Postscript:1Month 22 (Saturday) to match the gallery。

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