This year's cherry blossoms

Passed since more than two weeks from the earthquake、Regaining the Shinjuku city also restless walking every day。
Without any power outage plan in Kichijoji Musashino live in I、Not happened something buyout, such as has been said in the press。This state is very peaceful。
And warm sunshine today、Cherry blossoms began to bloom in Tokyo。

This season、Orgy is repeated in this way every year in Inokashira Park、As my only living in the neighborhood is what I thought even Utsusue properly。But even such a sight、Feels even love press is when it comes no longer look at emergency。
Because cracked the liquid crystal panel at the shaking of an earthquake turned over the house of TV、Ust delivery later stop of NHK have not seen the TV news。It reflected on the display of the watch instead PC、Louder every day become just numbers we。deceased、Missing person、Sievert、Becquerel、Half-life、Evacuation Areas。Such as I do not know know was like、Fear that invisible。
Situation of the nuclear power plant following the deterioration of ever to strangle the neck Ya with puffy、Given that still many people have been forced to shelter life、Such as unnecessary banquet I think that we should refrain from Indeed。I think that if is to become canceled one after another, but to a festival that has a meaning quell welcomed the gods。
Is also reality is various events has become a stop around my own、It may not stop just。It is possible to continue to take a day-to-day in any situation photo。And to continue to present their photos。

It will be held a photo exhibition than planned April 5。
They were taken across the earthquake、My favorite Tokyo photos。Look out for lots of people.。

Home of a liquid crystal Aquos。

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