Installation has been completed

Photo exhibition「A riphoto 2011 vol.1」Loading has been completed of。Photo exhibition which is going to take wholesale every time。The photo shows the exhibition this time start recording from March 1 of this year、28I finished shooting on the day。Although I have composed a photograph was taken in the month、It is across the Ano March 11, 2011 between, as is well known。
And have also to Shinjuku earthquake the day、I had taken the photos for use with this exhibition。I felt the beginning of sway when it is a pause in the Shinjuku Station east south exit of the smoking area。There was a tremor never ever experienced、Continue to smoke cigarettes tying the hawk would soon settle down。But shaking will come gradually increase the amplitude rather than fit。Finally take a distance from high to feel the danger building、I was trying to check somehow situation overlooking the neighborhood。Then skyscrapers of Nishi-Shinjuku enters the eye that is shaking like a jelly。Ya some of the building to bend large screw and away from sticking state located on the line-of-sight、It screams emanating while Nigemadoi the people around were just like to recall the end of the world。

It has been shaken to the boundary of that day awareness of my world。But in there is going to live the day-to-day followed unbroken、It had become invisible as a line <until now> and <now> lead to straight。Out on the town as usual even since that day、Although he had continued to shoot as usual、I How to see the world is not unusual feel like to。It Ya darkness of the city to save power、Rather than what can be described as due to the landscape of the difference, such as in front of the station street fundraising。Ya fear of harbinger also come without aftershocks、It seems not a like mind factors for the situation of the nuclear power plant。Let alone to have nor changes completely subject to their own taken by the difference of them、I think that the resulting photo is also not changed terribly and until now。

When you take a picture of me for the Okushiri Island in the article of the day before and the two days before、Such as welling from more of softening the back of the body、Such as piercing the heart、Remember did you go seedlings feeling like you have never felt until now。After that I have been taking a lot of photos to go to various places、It probably was the result that has progressed while interpreting Nari to your grow slowly feelings sprouted in that Okushiri Island。Then <fluctuation of awareness of the world> that I feel now also surely、For the future of their own、For photo taking of their own、I wonder would give a significant impact。But it does not appear there is the way to go still in the midst right now、I think I want to do, I slowly and carefully nurtured this emotion that is being sprout。

First session in、Consider, with a view to your heart's content for a photo taken of yourself。

By the way photos using in this time of DM is what was taken the day after the earthquake。 DM

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