Photo Exhibition ends.

Photo exhibition「ariphoto2011 vol.1」Ended。Everyone Itadakimashita visitors、Thank you for。
This exhibition、Although I select a of from photos taken in this March、Almost became the photograph was taken after the earthquake after all。
When I checked the negative in terms of placed to be exhibited in this period in mind、3The reality that is reflected in the negative taken month 11 days prior to、It would look like too old events、It did not lead to print。
And now、I was trying to take aggressive portraits that were not taken for the past one year。I was shaken by the that day to the border、The recognition of my own world、Those penetrating with a single thread。It's for me、It was a still picture of a person。
Photo of the person who shot at such a thought is、Seemed it can be regarded as a positive impression on visitors。
There was somewhat of confusion is to be held without photo exhibition directly related to the earthquake at this timing、It seems that it was good to do really When I finished。You can talk postponed a lot of people and face、I was able to re-recognize the strength of the presence of the field。

© John Sypal

John told me to take at the venue my Rollei his popular siteTOKYO CAMERA STYLEIt was published in。
Thanks to me stretched the link、It was completely leftMy FlickrIn the PV is serious thing。。

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