Josef Koudelka Invasion 68: Prague

Photography student hours、I about to enter the Magnum together Once you have "graduated。"And he spoke to me friend gave me the birthday" Prague, 1968」
Centre National de la PhotographieIt had been issued from the series of "Photo poche" and "PHOTO NOTES" is、While small determine type content even though also substantial repertoire、Was a valuable material that can be purchased at low cost for the poor students。
But it had several books to other、Especially shocked to photograph a group of this Koudelka、Was what turned over the page at every thing。
Gestures and facial expressions as if to reflect the mixed feelings of the Soviet army of young soldiers。A counter electrode to the resistance of the intention to sensible、Throwing stones and paint、Citizens of Prague to counter the tanks in words and Villa。Photos of Koudelka that capture the very best they can、Yet reportage also as beautiful as one by one is breathtaking、My eyes in a small photo album was completely nailed been。
Because that was also seen pitting as many times、The cover is 0.00 became tattered、It is important treasure even now along with the "EXILES" and "chaos"。

Catalog of this exhibition will also take a look at repeated until about this。

Josef Koudelka Invasion 68: Prague @ Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of photography

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