Photo Exhibition ends.。

With this in yesterday、Photo Exhibition "ariphoto selection vol.2" has ended。Everyone who visiting、Also everyone who purchased the photo collection、Thank you very much。
Following the last year、It was a select exhibition from past work、Among the conversation with the direction of the visitors、Received many pointed out the change of how to see and select。Although I title Street、It became the exhibition, which reaffirmed the importance of the select。Where to look objectively homebrew、Or some editing work can be in future issues。

And today、Loading work of the group exhibition "SNAP" seminar students held from tomorrow。
It became a steep held decision but、Because everyone who been firmly ready in a short time、Completion work smoothly。
It will be held until tomorrow than July 3 (Sunday)。
Please your perusal a burst of young energy。

Tokyo Visual Arts College、Photographer major group exhibition 'SNAP'

participant : Huang Yixian · Tsunoda Hitomi Zhang Yong Hui or • the original rule · · Xiao Tian Ying good product Sachiko

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