Event announcements

103 days from the month 9 days to 11 days、I will participate in various events。
It drifts scent of osmanthus、Now a good climate to go out。I hope if you can visitors to many people。

□ 10/9 (day) 17:00 – 18:30
I also have Tamron 60th anniversary special planning to participate、And now according to the exhibition of Eternity at a Moment photographer 60 people "forever the moment."、Do the talk show together with your Takehiko Nakato photographer。Nakatoh's for Dalian was taken this time China、I for Hokkaido Okushiri Island was visited for the first time in 18 years、Says each of the "eternal and the moment."。This event will be must be booked in advance so Sorry。

Reservations click here please http://run-produce.jp/tamron60/
Venue 3331 Arts Chiyoda 1F, main gallery http://www.3331.jp/

□ 10/10 (Mon, national holiday) 18:00 – 20:00
We will participate in the slide show by members of the TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY。
Location is in front of the gallery、Japanese ginger hill children amusement。Reservation required - Free admission。Since the day we also open gallery space、Please enjoy the exhibition in there to begin。
Because of the events in the outdoors、I think that if you can provide, such as those put on。
It should be noted that in case of rain will be the screening of at Gallery space。

□ 10/11 (Tue) 19:10 – 21:40
We will participate as reviewers in the portfolio review, which will be held at the Guardian Garden。
Reviewers and I、Tokyo Polytechnic University will be Mr. Hiroaki Yoshino of the Faculty of Arts, professor at the Art producer。
Although people of applicants has already Ended、Since the admission and tours is that so're free、Please come feel free to。


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