18 years later

18 years later

I just started photography。Taken while traveling on the Japan National、Heard of the Hokkaido Nansei-Oki earthquake from a portable radio。The announcer yelling a distraught。The audio sound from small speakers、Joined our peaceful daily life apart。Pricked up their ears and listen carefully to the news。The little mission gradually stirs、I will soon go to the okushiri island was。
While well-defined rubble siteIn the smell of soot in the misty walked.、Deep memories of my experience at that time still in ingrained。
5 years later in 1998、Is made stating the complete reconstruction in okushiri island、This island for me、Today was much more the impression that "island of rubble"。But however、And ensure that even in a long time must be reconstruction has been achieved in this、Dispel the impression of the "island of rubble" on this visit.。And East Japan earthquake disaster、Some thought that was imagined for the future。
Natural disasters can take many things from us and in an instant。But without people's life is destroyed、It is passed to the next generation and changing。

The exhibition has already ended、Tamron 60th anniversary special site "Eternity at a Moment" at work is published。* Open ended。
I think I'll look fit okushiri Island 18 years ago, which are uploaded to Flickr photos and。

-Flickr Okushiri 1993-1994

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