ariphoto selection vol.3

Arimoto Shinya Exhibition “ariphoto selection vol.3″
2012.10.02(Tue) – 10.07(Sun) @TOTEM POLE PHOTO GALLERY

In this time of "ariphoto selection"、2009Of the year it announced that "WHY NOW TIBET"、1999Photos, which was announced in the year to the "portrait than Nishikura" will be on display to reconfigure the cut of unreleased。
Also in the hall you can see pick up the original print manuscript of "Portrait than Nishikura" Photos。

▶ will hold a session during the event。
Date and time:2012On October 6 (soil) afternoon 5:00 - 6:30 in the afternoon
Slide talk show "Why now Tibet as the"
有元伸也× Shinpei Otani (original Weekly Playboy editor)
free entrance、Want to participate?EmailIt will be accepted at。
Purport of the talk show participation、Your name、On according the number of people、Info@tppg.jpPlease apply to。

Toriokonai you a small party after ▶ The end of the event。
Please also feel free to participate better here。

▶ During the exhibition of the same name of the photo book "ariphoto selection vol.3"、It will be pre-sale at the gallery。
Edition type:297mm × 365mm 20 pages in the saddle stitching
List price:1,000Yen (limited to 500 copies)

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